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At Figueroa & Associates, LLC, we understand that life happens. Trials come, and we have to face them. Luckily, we also know that we don't have to face it alone. Our attorney strives to give the encouragement, support, and advocacy that our clients need. From divorce to car accidents, we are prepared to be by your side throughout the process.

Our primary focus is on Personal Injury Law, Family Law, Prisoner's Rights and Real Estate Law In North Carolina. Since 1998 when our attorney began practicing law, we take a friendly yet aggressive approach to our work. We have a passion for helping people mediate their problems, whether it's with an insurance company or through a collaborative divorce.

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If you require legal advice, it's important that you can contact our versatile attorney today. We strive to give you the results that you deserve. Our attorney cares about her clients and makes them a priority, so reach out any time and schedule a free 15-minute consultation today. We serve those in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the surrounding areas.